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Stone “Arrogant Bastard”

94 A-

When I think of an American strong ale, this is what immediately comes to mind. Perhaps because this is the first I one I had. It’s one of stone’s bigger beers, and is quite deserving of its title, with the phrase “you’re not worthy” printed below. Malt and hops are wonderfully proportionate in bitter and sweet. The malt body is rich with caramel, equally balanced by strong Stone style pine and citrus hops. The mouth feel is a wave from mellow, to sharp when the hops come in, then back to mellow again for the finish. Malt and hops don’t compete, they’re bonded perfectly. Orange hops and caramel merge with grapefruit rind and It’s ultra-hopped, as you may expect, and comes off tasting like a high malted double IPA. Alongside the citric notes, a nutty and earthy, pecan flavor can be found after the beer warms. A juicy, smooth, full bodied, sticky resin mouth coating excellence. It’s definitely big and complex, but simply everything in its right place and it drinks surprisingly well. Stone has found great equilibrium with both a heavily malted and hopped ale. Recommended. (If you like this you’ll love “Double Bastard”).


98 IBU

Escondido, California

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    one of my favorite beers in recent memory, absolutely fantastic
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    Awesome brew! I got a bomber bottle as Christmas gift this past year and loved it!
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    Easily one of my favorite brews of all time!
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    This is one of my favorite beers. SO. Good.
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    I couldn’t agree more. Back when I turned 21 I had the chance to experiment away from my friends’ cheaper party beers...
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